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Chinese Remainder Theorem Calculator

Remainder Theorem When a polynomial function f (x) is divided by the linear x-c, then the remainder of polynomial function is always equal to f (c). We know that Dividend = (Divisor x
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Remainder Theorem Calculator

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Remainder Theorem Calculator

If f(x) is a dividend, (x-j) is divisor, m(x) is a remainder, and a(x) is a quotient then remainder theorem formula which is used by remainder theorem calculator can be written as: $$f(x) = (x-j)

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In mathematics, a remainder theorem states that when a polynomial f (x) is divided by a linear factor x-a, then the remainder of the polynomial division is equal to f (a). We know that

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How Remainder Theorem Calculator Works? The remainder theorem is stated as follows when a polynomial a(x) is divided by a linear polynomial b(x) (which is a polynomial of degree 1) whose

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