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Law of Cosines (SAS SSS)

This is also an SSS triangle. In this triangle we know the three sides x = 5.1, y = 7.9 and z = 3.5. Use The Law of Cosines to find angle X first: cos X = (y 2 + z 2 − x 2 )/2yz cos X = ( (7.9) 2 + (3.5) 2 − (5.1) 2 )/ (2×7.9×3.5) cos X = (62.41 + 12.25
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Law of Cosines Calculator

Calculator Use Uses the law of cosines to calculate unknown angles or sides of a triangle. In order to calculate the unknown values you must enter 3 known values. To calculate any angle

Law of Cosines

Law of cosines - SSS example If your task is to find the angles of a triangle given all three sides, all you need to do is to use the transformed

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Law of Cosines Calculator


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Law of Cosines Calculator


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Law of Cosines Calculator


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