Derivative of parametric equations

Definition: Derivative of a Parametric Equation Let ๐‘“ and ๐‘” be differentiable functions, such that ๐‘ฅ and ๐‘ฆ are a pair of parametric equations: ๐‘ฅ = ๐‘“ ( ๐‘ก), ๐‘ฆ = ๐‘” ( ๐‘ก). Then we can define the derivative of ๐‘ฆ with

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4.8: Derivatives of Parametric Equations

It is very clear that this is the first derivative of the function y with reference to x when they are represented in a parametric form. Therefore, we can calculate the second derivative as: ยฒ ยฒ d ยฒ y

How to Calculate Derivatives of Parametric Functions

Second derivatives of parametric equations Math ยท APยฎ๏ธŽ/College Calculus BC ยท Parametric equations, polar coordinates, and vector-valued functions ยท Defining and differentiating
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Calculus II

where the variable t is called a parameter. For example, two functions. describe in parametric form the equation of a circle centered at the origin with the radius In this case, the parameter

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Lesson Explainer: Derivatives of Parametric Equations

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