A sub n equation

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Arithmetic Sequence Formula

The arithmetic explicit formula is a sub n = a sub 1 + d(n-1) The geometric explicit formula is a sub n = a sub 1 (r)^(n-1)

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What is Arithmetic Sequence Formula? Examples

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Arithmetic Sequences: A Formula for the n

Subscripts, like superscripts, have many uses. In this case, we have a function, probably with domain the non-negative integers or the positive integers, and F k is an abbreviation for F ( k).

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Arithmetic Sequences and Arithmetic Series

The formula for finding $n^{th}$ term of an arithmetic progression is $\color{blue}{a_n = a_1 + (n-1) d}$, where $\color{blue}{a_1}$ is the first term and $\color{blue}{d}$ is the common