How to do trig functions

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Trigonometric Functions (Definition, Graphs, Solution

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Using Trig Functions

cos2x = 1 2(1 +cos(2x)) sin2x = 1 2(1 −cos(2x)) sinxcosx = 1 2sin(2x) cos 2 x = 1 2 ( 1 + cos ( 2 x)) sin 2 x = 1 2 ( 1 − cos ( 2 x)) sin x cos x = 1 2 sin ( 2 x) The first two formulas are

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Summary of trigonometric identities

From this right triangle we get the following definitions of the six trig functions. cosθ = adjacent hypotenuse cos. ⁡. θ = a d j a c e n t h y p o t e n u s e. sinθ = opposite hypotenuse sin. ⁡. θ = o p p o s i t e h y p o t e n u s e. tanθ =

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Trigonometric functions

Inverse trig functions do the opposite of the “regular” trig functions. For example: Inverse sine does the opposite of the sine. Inverse cosine does the opposite of the cosine. Inverse tangent

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Sine, Cosine, Tangent

Architecture & Construction. Trig functions are used for architecture and construction in
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