How to calculate the diagonal of a square

To use this calculator, simply enter the length of the side of the square, and the calculator will calculate the length of the diagonal. Similarly, if all you have is the length of the diagonal, the

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How to Find the Diagonal of a Square Using Its Area: 9 Steps

To calculate the diagonal of a square, we must apply the formula: d² = l² + l² According to which the square of the diagonal of a square is equal to the sum of the square of

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How to find the length of the diagonal of a square

A D 2 = a 2 + a 2 A D 2 = 2 a 2 ⇒ A D = 2 a Thus the length of the diagonal of the given square is- A D = B C = 2 a Example 1- Find the length of a diagonal of a

3 Ways to Calculate a Diagonal of a Square

Here, the length of the side of the square is given 8 cm. Thus, the length of diagonal of the square is 8√2cm . What is the diagonal of a 48 square? Thus, the diagonal is

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