What is the Formula for Endpoint?

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How to Find the Second Endpoint Algebraically when Given

Given a midpoint of line(m1, m2) and one coordinate of a line (x1, y1), find the other end point(x2, y2) of a line. Examples: Input : x1 = –1, y1 = 2, and m1 = 3, m2 = –6 Output :

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SAT Math : How to find the endpoints of a line segment

To find the second endpoint: Double midpoints' coordinates: 2x = 6, 2y = 10. Subtract the first value and the known endpoint's x-coordinate: 6 - 1

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Find the missing endpoint, Given the other endpoint and the

Find the other endpoint of the diameter using the endpoint formula. Solution: Let E(x, y) be the other endpoint and C is the midpoint of a diameter. Given, \((x)_{m}\) = 7, \((x)_{1}\) = 3, \((y)_{m}\) = 8, \((y)_{1}\) = 5 Using the endpoint
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Endpoint Calculator

286,604 views Oct 17, 2016 Learn how to find the endpoint given the midpoint and only 1 of the other endpoints in this free math video tutorial by Mario's Math Tutoring. 4.2K

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