How do you find the asymptote of an exponential function

In this blog post, we will take a look at How do you find the asymptote of an exponential function.


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How to Find the Asymptote Given a Graph of an Exponential

Basic exponential functions, f (x) = bx, have a horizontal asymptote at the x-axis or y = 0. If the graph has a vertical shift, then the horizontal asymptote will move up or down k

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How to Graph an Exponential Function and its Asymptote in

Step 1: Examine how the graph behaves as {eq}x {/eq} increases and as {eq}x {/eq} decreases. To find a horizontal asymptote in the given graph of an exponential function, identify the part

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5.3: Graphs of Exponential Functions

Find the equation of the horizontal asymptote of f(x) = e^x/(1 + e^-1)Need some math help? I can help you!~ For more quick examples, check out the other vide

Solving Exponential Equations

To find the oblique or slanted asymptote of a function, we have to compare the degree of the numerator and the degree of the denominator. If the degree of the numerator is exactly one

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Introduction to Exponential Functions

How to Find the Asymptote of an Exponential FunctionIMPORTANT NOTE: There is a small error at 8:20 I should have said y= -4 (instead of y=4)In case you ne